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Unveiling Dr. Saman's Pagani Huayra at the 5th Annual Miami Concourse

Join us at the 5th Annual Miami Concourse in the design district of downtown Miami where they have the most bad ass line up of cars and they unveil a 1 of 1!

Last weekend I had the pleasure to shoot a one of a kind 816 HP Pagani Huayra fitted with a Tempesta package here in Miami. In this article I talk about all the juicy details of how this Pagani made it to Miami, the shoot, and how this all came to be in a crazy series of events!

Pagani is the combination of art and science, together as one.” - Horacio Pagani

Back in the end of October I met Dr. Saman at the Rally South event in Jacksonville Fl. He was excited to be done with that rally because shortly after his brand new Pagani Huayra was ready for pick up and ready to hit an all Pagani Rally with Horacio Pagani him self! Who could blame him! After that rally Dr. Saman's plans were to take the car back home to Jacksonville. Unfortunately a minor incident on the track sent the Pagani on an unexpected trip to Prestige Imports here in Miami for a quick replacement part. Apparently some debris on the track pierced the oil pan and Sir Brett David came to the rescue.

The Call

More like a text. I get a message from Dr. Saman letting me know he just got word that the Pagani would be ready soon! We were looking at dates in February to link but theres was already so much happening every weekend that I was anxious wondering if the timing was going to work out. The weekend before I had the NFL and the weekend after a music video. All great opportunities, but thankfully we made it work! He picked Boat show weekend and that meant we had three days to make the best of it!

The Capture

Day 1.

It time to go down to Prestige Imports and pick up the car! Dr. Saman is on his way and is even more excited because he added some more goodies to the car since the car was going to be in service for a while. We finally arrive at Prestige. As soon as we walk in through those doors you see an army of exotics however non as beautiful as this Pagani sitting under the perfect show room lights and rotating platform. Your eyes naturally gravitated towards that room in the back. As we approach her, the Pagani's details become more dramatic and in your face. I just couldn't stop saying wow! I had to snap my self out of how amazing the car is and get to capturing! We open up the car and start shooting! Today I was just capturing the car at the dealer. The fun came later

Day 2

It was a hectic boat show day in the city! Due to the high traffic in the city we decided it was best to leave the car parked and try again early Sunday morning before the show.

Day 3

Show day is here! Im up dark and early at 5:00 AM with my beautiful stunt driver ready to meet Dr. Saman at the Intercontinental by the break of dawn at 6:15AM. We have to stage the Pagani at the Concourse in the design district by 7:30 AM the latest. We had all of an hour to plan and shoot! As much as we really wanted to go shoot by the Rickenbacker Bridge for the iconic Miami Beach shot, we just didn't have enough time and right after the event Dr. Saman had to fly out. Like always we make the best out of every situation and we do what we know! We went from the intercontinental to the back parking lot of the #FTXARENA and took some amazing shots there. After we continued with some amazing rolling shots out of the arena all the way to the design district to get prepped and ready for the show. Dr. Samans Pagani was one of three that were going to be unveiled at the main event. At 11AM they unveiled three show stopping #PaganiHuayra to an eager crowd of paparazzi waiting to capture the perfect moment. Its times like these i'm grateful I fly drones for the perfect shot! Overall it was an incredible event in the #designdistrict and I can't wait until next year!

I would like to to thank Dr. Saman for keeping me in mind every time we have an opportunity to capture one of his works of art like his Pagani and Aventador. We share the same passion for cars and he is proof that if you put in the hard work and hours, you too can be making your dreams a reality. If that means driving supercars to you or not. Also a thank you to Brett from #Prestige for fixing the Pagani and bringing it to Miami allowing for this amazing weekend to unfold!

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