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Cavallino Classic

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Celebrating 75 years of Ferrari with Ernst Benz & Provident Jewlery at the Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach

The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach
The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach

Lovers of Ferrari! Have you ever wondered what it's like to attend the Cavallino Classic? In this shoot I join my good friends from Ernst Benz and Provident Jewelry along for the ride to the prestigious Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach to capture this stupendous event. Fly with me and read my guide below as I walk you through a show with 740 million dollars worth of Ferrari's.

“I don’t sell cars, I sell engines. The cars I throw in for free since something has to hold the engines in.” ― Enzo Ferrari.

Just... Wow...

As we are driving up to #TheBreakersHotel, I was astonished at how massive the property is with its perfect green manicured lawns for as long as the eye could see. We arrived right on time to set up our booth and to see them line up all the cars on the lawn to be ready for all the guest and judges. A total of 147 cars joined us on the lawn out of the 150 that were selected to help commemorate 75 years of Ferrari. While i'm finding out all these intriguing details i'm eagerly getting all the cameras ready to capture as much as possible because I didn't want to miss a single thing knowing the property is huge and I am only a shooter!

The Main Event

Finally the drone is up! For this job I brought out the #dji #mavicair2s and as always the #djimini2 . As i'm rising in altitude with the #air2s the picture above is forming and once it was in frame I realized the magnitude of the #CavallinoClassic . After taking the shots from above it was time to get the detail shots. This is where i like to fly the mini2 in tight spaces and really fly it as if I was a steady camera on a crane filming the event. I start out in the front lawn where the most exclusive Ferrari's were on display. Carefully flying, i'm holding my breath making sure I have a clear path for the drone to travel to get the perfect pan out. Captured! Now I make my way over to the next lawn where they have on display all the new 2022 models and my personal favorite of the bunch, the #Ferrari #F8. I was hoping to capture some interior shots but unfortunately we had an unexpected rain cloud pass early on and they ended up closing the cars allowing them to only to be admired from the outside. After capturing a few shots there I moved on to the main attraction. They parked 75 Ferraris in order of the year they were made starting with 1947 out on the golf course. You can go up to each car and scan a QR code that was on display in front of each car to find out everything you would want to know and more about a particular car. Super convenient! After you were done checking out all the cars, you would take a quick stroll down the sponsors tents to visit sponsors like #ErnstBenz & #Providentjewlery before heading back inside to refill your drink and go for the next round about the lawns of The Breakers Hotel.

It truly was a pleasure to capture Ernst Benz & Provident Jewelry at the Cavallino Classic to help celebrate 75 years of Ferrari. Looking forward to attending an international event in the near future!

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