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From Power Lines & Cell Phone towers to Roof tops

Roof Top

One of the most common jobs we do is roof inspections.

From insurance jobs in Colorado due to extreme hail storms to hurricane damage all over the Gold Coast or just getting that clear roof inspection for your new house. Gio is ready for the Job 

Power Line Inspection

We have the right drones to maintain a safe distance while capturing a crystal clear shot of the inspections points along the power lines. This becomes crucial after severe weather and power outages to quickly resolve the problem. Lets work together to keep our neighbors with the light on!

drone power line .png
drone towers.jpg

Cell Phone Tower Inspection

We have the perfect drones for cell phone tower inspections. They allow us to find the problem area before we send a man up to further inspect. This is important for proper maintenance. Lets work together by helping our communities stay connected! 

Construction Site Inspections

Another of the most common services we offer is construction site inspections.

We deliver weekly, monthly or as needed aerial photos and video of your next job site. From full time laps to just pictures for city inspections, Gio is able to provide this in a timely manner for you.  


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